Computer Science Engineering And Technology

The mission of the college is to prepare emerging Computer Professionals capable of meeting the requirements of present and future with concept oriented subject knowledge supplemented on practical orientation to face the challenges of the modern computer industry. The college has been running B.Tech programme in Computer Science and Engineering and Information Technology from this onward. The college has well-equipped labs, extensive library facility and team of well qualified staff members. The college library and separate seminar room equipped with L.C.D and Data projectors and PA systems. Theory goes hand in hand with practical session for ideal learning. For each curriculum requirement, there is separate lab facility in the college. All labs are equipped with latest state of art hardware and software.

CSE Laboratory

It is an exclusive lab with forty systems of different reputed brands out of which there are RAID capable server machine hosting various server software like Novell Netware 5.1 and 3.12,SCO Unix ,Redhat Linux e.t.c.The lab offers a comprehensive range of license software packages including Borland C++, Visual Studio, Java, MS Fortran, Office 2000 e.t.c.Video Editing and capturing facilities are also available in the lab. Students of all departments utilize the facilities to enhance their basic programming and software development skills. This lab has a good collection of latest state of art of equipment such as Pentium range of computer systems and various supporting peripheral equipment.

Hardware Laboratory

The hardware lab gives the students an insight in learning various hardware aspects of computer systems.The students get real time exposure to assembling, troubleshooting various computer systems and related peripherals.This lab helps the students to build up a thorough knowledge in basic components of computers.

Internet Laboratory

The department proudly posses this lab with high speed internet connectivity using ISDN. This students can use the Internet for augmenting their knowledge.

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