Computer Science Engineering And Technology

The mission of the college is to prepare emerging Computer Professionals capable of meeting the requirements of present and future with concept oriented subject knowledge supplemented on practical orientation to face the challenges of the modern computer industry. The college has been running B.Tech programme in Computer Science and Engineering and Information Technology from this onward. The college has well-equipped labs, extensive library facility and team of well qualified staff members. The college library and separate seminar room equipped with L.C.D and Data projectors and PA systems. Theory goes hand in hand with practical session for ideal learning. For each curriculum requirement, there is separate lab facility in the college. All labs are equipped with latest state of art hardware and software.

CSE Laboratory

It is an exclusive lab with forty systems of different reputed brands out of which there are RAID capable server machine hosting various server software like Novell Netware 5.1 and 3.12,SCO Unix ,Redhat Linux e.t.c.The lab offers a comprehensive range of license software packages including Borland C++, Visual Studio, Java, MS Fortran, Office 2000 e.t.c.Video Editing and capturing facilities are also available in the lab. Students of all departments utilize the facilities to enhance their basic programming and software development skills. This lab has a good collection of latest state of art of equipment such as Pentium range of computer systems and various supporting peripheral equipment.

Hardware Laboratory

The hardware lab gives the students an insight in learning various hardware aspects of computer systems.The students get real time exposure to assembling, troubleshooting various computer systems and related peripherals.This lab helps the students to build up a thorough knowledge in basic components of computers.

Internet Laboratory

The department proudly posses this lab with high speed internet connectivity using ISDN. This students can use the Internet for augmenting their knowledge.

Electronics and Communication

Electronics & Communication Engineering Department was established in 2005 i.e. from the date of inception of all the college with an intake of 60 students. 60 more seats were sanctioned by AICTE in 2010 to increase the intake to 120(in Engg. Wing). There is 60 seats of Diploma in Polytechnic Wing. The department has well-established laboratories with latest facilities


Lab Description

Electronic Devices & Circuits Lab

The lab is the foundation of electronics engineering. This lab provides the basic knowledge and testing of various electronic devices, components and electronic circuits.

Analog Electronics Lab

This lab is the enhancement of electronic devices and circuits lab which provides the knowledge of students in the field of power amplifiers, oscillators and regulated power supplies etc.

Digital Electronics Lab

This lab gives the opportunity to students for implementation of different digital circuit such as logic gates, flip flops counters, registers etc.

Microprocessor and Micro-controller Lab

Microprocessor is the brain of every intelligent system. It’s aims to provide knowledge about architecture, programming and interfacing of microprocessor chips 8085 ,8086 and 8051 micro-controller.

Communication System Lab

This lab aims to provide the basics of communication ie analog, digital & data communication. The lab is equipped with latest communication kits and latest soft-wares like multi-sim which deals with simulation of various communication circuits.

Linear Integrated Circuits Lab

Students learn about the operational amplifiers and it’s applications in the field of electronics to attain the understanding of the mind behind the smaller to larger circuits. In this Lab students simulate various electronic circuits based on OP-amp on multi-sim software.

Microwave Lab

Now-a-days is the era of wireless communication Microwaves plays a very important role in communication. The lab is equipped with latest microwave test benches for experimental knowledge.


The lab Helps the students in designing and simulation of various DSP based circuits. The lab is equipped with MATLAB software.

Electrical Engineering

Creativity has been the prime intention of Engineers and the Electrical and Electronics Department of this College is making an all out effort in this regard. This Department has not only got the technical competence but is also facilitated with all modern equipment. The following laboratories share the activities in this Department.


Workshop & Lab Description

Electrical Workshop

This facilitates the conduct of workshop practices, which not only gives a practical exposure to electrical wiring but also in costing, estimation and in determining standards.

Electrical Machines Lab

The lab is particularly well equipped with the latest in the range of motors and generators, both DC and AC. Experiments based on transformers, AC and DC machines are performed exhaustively. Testing apparatus for high current systems and UPS/Inverters are also available.

Electrical Measurements Lab

The lab aims at familiarizing the students with a wide range of PMMC and MI meters and acquainting them with experiments ranging from verification of Super position theorem to sophisticated measurements using AC and DC bridges. The students are also trained in Advanced sophisticated instruments like power energy and harmonic analyzers. Real time data interfacing and computerized analysis are also a part of this lab.

Advanced Electrical Engineering Lab

The study of advanced machine functioning, microprocessor based technologies, transistors and various other practicals covering pneumatic control systems and magnetic amplifiers are dealt with in this lab. It helps students to channelize their technical knowledge to go hand in hand with the current technological development.

Mechanical Engineering

The inevitable part played by Mechanical Engineering field in actual world has made it an integral part of an Engineering Institution. The department helps to maintain the right blend of theory and practical fundamental which then enables the students to have a firm grasp of basic principles for enhancing their abilities to design Machines for actual practical applications.The MTech. (Part time) course in ECE have also been started from July 2013 with intake of 25 seats.


Lab Description

Fluid Mechanics Lab

This lab is used for kinematics and dynamics analysis of fluid flow. It includes pipe friction apparatus, Reynolds Apparatus, Jet on Vane Apparatus, Rota meter, Orifice meter, Bernoulli apparatus, Metecentric height determining apparatus, Discharge over notches etc.

Fluid Machinery Lab

The various equipment in this lab are the Turbines (Kaplan, Francis, Pelton Wheel) and assorted Pumps (Reciprocating, Centrifugal, Gear).

Strength of Materials Lab

This lab is under installation.

Thermodynamics Lab

This is also an important lab of Mechanical Engineering and it includes the apparatus /set up like- Air compressors, single cylinder diesel engine test rigs, multi cylinder engine test rigs and cut section models of engine to give in-depth knowledge in their working and application.

Mechanical Measurements& Metro logy Lab

The lab demonstrates the application of various types of instruments like Vernier Calli per, Micrometers, Sine bars, Vernier height gauge, Profile projector, Tool makers microscope, stroboscope, thermocouples etc. for finding the concerned physical quantities.

Heat Transfer Lab

The lab illustrates the different modes of heat transfer and their related parameters, It includes the apparatus like determination of thermal conductivity of metal rod and insulating powder, Pin-Fin apparatus, Stefan Boltzmann apparatus, Determining convective heat transfer coefficient apparatus etc.

Theory of machines Lab

This lab is helpful for understanding the different types of mechanisms used for force and motion transfer. It includes Models of four bar mechanism, Single slider crank chain, Balancing apparatus, Governor apparatus, Cam profile analysis apparatus, Gyroscopic motion apparatus, Journal bearing apparatus etc.

Refrigeration and Air conditioning Lab

This lab is used for knowing practically the working cycles & related parameters of an Air conditioner and Refrigerator. It includes Refrigeration test rigs, Window Air conditioning test rigs, Eletrolux refrigerator etc.

Industrial Automation & Robotics Lab

This lab incorporates the latest technologies of industrial automation and it includes a Vertical Articulated Robot arm, Pneumatic trainer kit etc.

Applied Sciences

The Department of Applied Sciences is committed to provide the “essential base” to the students of Engineering & Technology so that a “superstructure” of qualitative knowledge in various disciplines of Engineering can be built. The department offers variety of basic courses consisting of Humanities, Applied Mathematics, Applied physics etc.



Communication Skill Lab

The department emphasizes on the importance of the inter-personal communication since the world is getting global and the only mode of communication is through English language. The practical sessions in the lab range from presentations, seminars, mock interviews, mock meetings- all highlighting an intense thought of providing them with inter-personal relations consisting of the spirit of Over-all Personality Development.

Applied Physics Lab

This lab is fully equipped with the latest equipment with a view to provide an exposure to basic strings of scientific inquiry.

Applied Chemistry Lab

The lab is designed with a view to acquaint the students about the workings of Chemical sciences.

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