The inevitable part played by Mechanical engineering field has an integral part of the engineering institution. The department helps to maintain the right blend of theory and practice and enables the students to have a firm grasp of basic principles in enhancing their ability to design practical Machines. Core labs and Workshops are functioning under this Department are following:

Central Workshop

The workshop departments cater the needs of both degree & polytechnic wings of the institute. The central workshop has 8 fully equipped workshops namely:-

Machine Shop

The machine shop is the heart of central workshop. It has a variety of machines like Lathe, Milling machine, Shaping Machine, Surface grinder, Radial Drilling Machine etc with a variety of attachments.

Welding Shop

The welding shop has facilities to give exposure to students about various types of arc welding, resistance welding & gas welding.

Carpentry Shop

The carpentry shop has facilities to train the students in various wood working practices using hand tools & various types of wood working machine tools.

Fitting Shop

This workshop has various facilities to make the students well versed with the industrial practices regarding fitting & allied operations.

Smithy Shop

The smithy shop has been set up to give students’ exposure of various forging operations.

Electrical Shop

In electrical shop students are made familiar with various types of electrical instruments & devices. In addition they are also taught to make the common electric circuits.

Sheet Metal Shop

Sheet metal shop teach students about various sheet metal practices commonly used.

Foundry Shop

It has facilities like sand testing & make students aware about the common practices in foundry industry.

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